Seeking lost wages after a car accident

When my wife was involved in a car accident last year, she had to miss out on work for two weeks while she was recovering from her injury. Thankfully, insurance paid for the wages she didn’t earn during this time, but not everyone is this lucky. Our neighbors told us that when they were in a car accident, they both had broken bones that kept them away from work for about two months. When insurance wouldn’t accept their lost wages claim, they had to hire a lawyer in order to get money to pay their bills while they recovered. Speaking with them really scared me. We were lucky our situation went over so smoothly. What if insurance refused to pay out for her lost wages? What if she had to miss work for several months? While looking through the web, I stumbled upon the website for the Law Offices of William J. Luse. They are personal injury attorneys that help with people recover their lost wages when they’re involved in a serious accident. I learned a lot from the Law Offices of William J. Luse. Apparently, there are several different reasons you can file a suit in order to recover lost wages. Sometimes you can even file a suit for lost wages if you don’t currently have a job.

Lost wages include a couple of different things. After a car accident, you can seek money for lost wages based on the period of time that you don’t work at your job. This is probably the most typical kind of lost wage. My wife received money based on this kind of lost wage. It turns out, you can also receive lost wages if you develop a serious injury during a wreck that leaves you unable to do your old job, and leaves you making less than you were before. I imagine that it’s possible to sue for quite a bit of money in this situation, as you would be getting lost wages for years and years of work. Now here’s the most unusual one that I heard about. You can claim lost wages for lost work opportunities. If you are unable to make it to a job interview while you’re recovering from an injury, you can also sue for lost wages.

This is all important information to know. I’m definitely going to pass it on if any of my friends wind up in a serious car accident in the future.

Filing a suit for lost wages after an accident isn’t always an easy process though. You’ll need to provide some proof of your lost wages in order to get things sorted out. This means you’ll need a note from your doctor that describes your injuries and how long you had to miss work. It also means you’ll need a copy of the police report from the accident. Lastly, you’ll also need to collect a letter from your boss that verifies you missed work due to injuries. This can be a lot of work, but certainly worth the time.


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Entering the Craft Beer Scene

I know I’m probably late to the party, but I’ve decided to get into this whole craft brew thing. That’s right, people. I’m just a few small steps (learning about craft brews, trying craft brews, finding brews I like, learning more about craft brews) from being an expert and go to person for all things beer related.

What took me so long? Trust me; it’s not that I’m a bandwagoner. In fact, I hate it when people just jump on with whatever craze happens to stick around more than a week. I refuse to get a fidget spinner. I will never, to the day I die, get a Snapchat account (unless someone on here wants to snap at me? Is that what you do? No, I still don’t want it).

No, look, the thing about craft brews has always been the money. It just takes so much to figure out what to drink. I’d basically given up on beer. I hate Bud; I think Miller is disgusting. Ditto Coors. Double ditto Pabst (sorry, I know some of you are big fans but come on guys, it’s nasty).

So what was I drinking when I went out? I just settled for a few standards at the bar: a G&T, rum and coke, something like that. I wasn’t always in the mood, but it was just simpler.

That’s only the start of the craft brew costs, though. It seems like even if I found a beer, I liked there’d be something else to pay for. I just saw some guys are selling something called a Growler Chill to keep growlers on tap at home, which yeah sounds cool but where am I going to find the money for that after I bankrupted myself finding a beer I even liked?

But I’m sick of it. I’m sick of G&Ts on weekends, and I’m sick of not liking beer. I feel like I’m missing out on the fun, and I’m not one to miss out on whatever fun I can get.

So where do I start? Send me your suggestions guys. What’s the best craft brew out there? And where can I get it? And how much will it cost? I’m still broke! (Maybe I should start a go-fund-me for this. Anyone want to donate?)

Basically, I’m not much farther along than I was before I decided I wanted to be a microbrew fan, but I’ve got drive and I’m determined. Let’s do this!

P.S. So, clicking around looking for craft beer stories while I wrote this, I found a lot of festivals going on around the country. What’s the best one to go to to get the best samples? And who wants to go on a road trip? I’m free this weekend. And next weekend. I’m always free. So who’s up for it?

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Make Your Teeth Whiter with Porcelain Veneers

A great majority of Americans care about oral health and absolutely agree that caring for the gums, teeth and mouth is important. Why? Well, probably because more than the effect it has in their general physical well-being, oral health, which is manifested through white teeth and healthy gums, make them more attractive physically and more confident.

As explained in the website of MedlinePlus, for stained, broken or uneven teeth, cosmetic dentistry is the answer. Cosmetic dentistry is different from orthodontic treatment, which can straighten your teeth with braces or other devices.

Cosmetic dental procedures include:

  • Bleaching to make teeth whiter
  • Repairing chips or rough spots with fillings that match your teeth
  • Filling cavities with tooth-colored materials
  • Reshaping teeth that don’t match the others
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Covering broken teeth with porcelain crowns

White teeth definitely make you look smarter and more gorgeous. A smarter and more gorgeous look can increase your self-confidence, which can lead to greater success in life. Nothing beats a healthy smile too! This is why many dentists have made significant improvements both in the way they serve their clients and in the kinds of services they offer. They make sure that they are able to provide clients with the most modern dental services, including a clean and totally comfortable environment. Thus, dentists make sure that their clinics are not just conveniently located, but also provide a homey and pleasant atmosphere, manned with professional, yet, friendly personnel and, most of all, providing affordable, quality service at hours most convenient to anyone. They also make sure that every visit made to their clinic is always worth clients’ time and money, especially the first visit, which is the foundation of a lasting doctor-patient relationship.

Two dental services dentist now provide, which will leave you with a shining smile are veneers and teeth whitening. Veneers are your best solution to chipped or cracked teeth and teeth discolored by food and drinks. These are really thin coats or laminates shaped after your teeth; they are bonded to the front of your damaged or discolored teeth, from which a very thin layer has been chipped off, giving your teeth a shine for a beautiful smile.

These composite or stronger, yet, lighter porcelain designed laminates are permanently bonded on your teeth; these also give off a natural look and can provide use of up to 15 years. As explained by Babylon Dental Care, porcelain veneers are thin, shell-like coverings that are permanently bonded to the surface of your teeth. They are as thin as a contact lens, yet they are as strong as natural tooth enamel. Veneers can make teeth straighter, more evenly spaced, chip-free, and whiter, all at once. Since they can fix more than just one problem, you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting several procedures done.

The porcelain veneers cosmetic dentistry service is great for patients who want to enhance and brighten their smile. Besides being a natural-looking solution, these are also stain resistant and long-lasting.


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Driving While Drowsy or Fatigued

Driving While Drowsy or Fatigued

Some drivers plow the streets even when they are drowsy or fatigued. They do this because they have no choice but to drive, nobody else is available to drive for them, or they have a quota or deadline to meet. Whatever the reason may be, driving while drowsy or fatigued is unacceptable, especially because it poses a danger not just to the driver, but also to his or her passengers and the other motorists around them.

According to the website, this kind of driving can be considered as negligence, and negligence is enough reason to file a personal injury case against someone. This is understandable, because drowsy and fatigued drivers are likely to be involved in accidents and injuries.

Physical limitations

These drivers are physically and mentally limited, compromising their ability to drive. When drivers are drowsy or fatigued, they may have a tendency to nod their heads and close their eyes from time to time, which are dangerous behaviors on the road. They may not see changing traffic lights, warning signs, turns, and passing vehicles and pedestrians.

They may also have weak grips onto the steering wheels and gear shifts, and fail to properly step on the gas, brakes, and clutches. Having the limited capability of braking is obviously a risk.

Mental limitations

Those who are drowsy or fatigued are prone to mental lapses. They may fail to understand what is happening on the road, and they may therefore fail to react properly to stimulus. This is because of their lack of focus. When they are not focused, they may also suffer from poor reaction time, and we all know that drivers are just one second away from accidents.

Injuries and lawsuits

Accidents from drowsy or fatigued drivers may result into traumatic injuries. These can be particularly dangerous on the brain, neck, chest, and spinal cord. What makes these more tragic is that even the innocent motorists around these negligent drivers are at risk of injuries. According to the website of the Houston personal injury lawyers of Williams Kherkher, victims of these accidents may have legal actions they can pursue, such as getting financial assistance from their insurance and getting compensation from the negligent parties.

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Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable people on the road, because they do not have protective gears that can absorb the force of collisions. They get all the force from the accident, and sometimes, they even strike their head into the ground, causing further damage.

Because of this vulnerability, pedestrians and drivers should be diligent at the same time. It is not just about pedestrians respecting the right of way, or drivers yielding to those who cannot wait to cross the road. Just like traffic, it’s a two-way effort. According to the website, pedestrian accidents involving a reckless or negligent party may be liable for personal injury lawsuits.

To avoid injuries and lawsuits, it is best to stay diligent on the road.

Crosswalk diligence

Not because a pedestrian is in a crosswalk it already means that he is not at fault. If he is disrupting the flow of traffic unnecessarily, like when there is a green light for vehicles to pass, he may have caused his own accident. Pedestrians may be the most vulnerable in the road, but it doesn’t mean that they are entitled to just dart in front of vehicles. Like mentioned earlier, traffic safety requires the effort of both pedestrian and driver.

Distracted driving

Being distracted by unnecessary thoughts and foreign objects like food and mobile phones can cause collisions. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, it is important to keep your eyes on the road and put your focus on the task of walking or driving. It only takes a single second of distraction for an accident to occur.


Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, whether you are a pedestrian or driver, puts you at risk. The bodily effects of alcohol and drugs can cause physical and mental impairments that may affect your ability to walk or drive diligently, make proper decisions on the road, and react to stimuli.

Right of way

Failing to stop on stop signs and traffic signals, yield to pedestrians that have the right of way on crosswalks, yield to vehicles that have the green light, are some of the most common right of way issues. It is simply a matter of being courteous. If a vehicle or a pedestrian has the right of way, let it pass first.


When a driver is going at a high rate of speed, he has less time to react to unexpected scenarios, like pedestrians suddenly crossing the road. He may also lose control, jump the curb, and crash into unsuspecting pedestrians in the sidewalk.

Other negligent acts

Reckless and negligence is perhaps the most common cause of pedestrian accidents. In the case of drivers, these acts may include failure to consider weather conditions, obey traffic rules, signal during turns, and take U-turns on proper U-turn spots.

In the case of pedestrians, these acts may involve crossing the street on unmarked crosswalks, ignoring walk signals in intersections, and wearing dark clothing in dark areas.

The key to a pedestrian and driver safe road is the effective cooperation between the two. Both pedestrian and driver should observe diligence and compliance to safety regulations, because one is not more entitled than the other.

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Employer Negligence In Truck Accidents

When it comes to truck accidents, there will always be a question of fault. Most of the time, the blame always falls on the driver for not knowing their blind spots which is not always the case. According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, when the employer does not follow state and federal laws, they can be held liable for any accidents that will be caused by the vehicle.

Fatigue has often been one of the reasons being mentioned for truck accidents. The employer has a partial liability for accidents blamed on trucker fatigue. Trucking companies usually pressure their drivers to stay on the road long enough in order to meet stiff delivery deadlines. As the employer, it is their responsibility to ensure that the drivers they are hiring are physically fit to handle the rigors of driving long hours.

It is not only during truck accidents that employer negligence should be scrutinized. During the post-accident investigation, the employer may be questioned about the review of their driver’s record. State and Federal regulations require trucking companies to conduct an annual review of their driver’s record. Again, the employer can be held liable here if they failed to do a review of their driver’s record.

Employers are also required by state and Federal regulations to ensure the fitness of their drivers. They should ensure that the trucker possesses a commercial motor vehicle driver’s license. The driver should also demonstrate their ability to safely operate a vehicle by passing a road test focusing on safe driving techniques. If the driver fails on this aspect and an accident happens, the employer could be partially liable aside from the driver.

Truck accidents are not solely the liability of the driver. There were instances when, upon thorough investigation, the accident was found to be due to the negligence of the employer.

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Symptoms of uterine cancer

Uterine cancer is a deadly cancer that can develop in women. While development of this and other related cancers is rare, many women found themselves at an increased risk after undergoing a procedure using a power morcellator. Power morcellators are used to extract tissue and fibroids during a hysterectomy or a myomectomy by mincing up tissue for removal through a small incision in the abdomen. The morcellator works using a drill-like end that rotates and breaks masses of tissues in smaller pieces and then vacuuming them out. Unfortunately, many times cancerous tissues were either left behind or spread.

According to Williams Kherkher, while these devices could be used to remove noncancerous tissue, they were dangerous if a women had undetected malignant tissue for these reasons. A power morcellator could cause deadly cancers such as metastatic leiomyosarcoma, uterine cancer, uterine sarcoma, and endometrial stromal sarcoma. In 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an official warning against morcellators which was soon followed by a recall of the devices. After these dangers came into the public eye, lawsuits against negligent and responsible parties were filed.

Although these dangers were eventually made public, it was too late for many victims who had already developed deadly cancers or other harmful symptoms. In fact, 1 in every 350 procedures involving a power morcellator led to the development of one of these cancers.

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Laws Ensuring Truck-Driver Safety

Commercial freight trucks, also called big rigs or 18-wheelers, extend to 70 feet in length and weigh 80,000 lbs. (40 tons), making them 20-30 times heavier than cars. Their enormous size and weight require a much longer stopping distance, heavier duty tires, and a more powerful braking system, than smaller vehicles.

Many see trucks as threats on the road due to the damage they can cause in the event of an accident. A collision with a smaller vehicle can easily result to major damage to properties and severe injuries or death to people, enough to make the federal government decide to intervene in matters concerning commercial vehicles. In 2013 alone, a non-profit research organization, called the Highway Loss Data Institute, received more than 3,500 reports of large truck accidents that killed 540 motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians, and 2400 passengers of cars and other smaller vehicles. Thus, with the intent of reducing or preventing truck accidents, injuries and fatalities, the 99th Congress passed the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act in September of 1986. This Act mandates that a commercial driver’s license should be issued only to qualified drivers and that drivers who operate trucks (as well as buses) in an unsafe manner should be removed from the highway. To be issued a commercial driver’s license though, the Act requires that a person applying for it should: first, undergo a special training which will allow him/her to develop the knowledge and the skills necessary in operating a truck safely; and, second, pass a three-part skills test on basic control, vehicle inspection, and road test. Other requirements for qualification include having a state-issued copy of a Commercial Driver’s Licensing (CDL) Manual, medical tests, proof of residency, and a Commercial Learners Permit (CLP).

No matter how well trained a driver is in operating a truck, though, fatigue and/or drowsiness will always render him/her incapable of performing his/her tasks efficiently, especially since most jobs require long hours of cross-county driving. Therefore, to make sure that truck drivers are always alert and focused on driving, other laws have been passed, like the maximum number hours of service (HOS) and the required length of rest between duties, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level limit, and the use of a Bluetooth headset, which will end drivers’ use of a cellphone whenever behind the wheel.

Enforcement of the Act and the other laws is the task of the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). However, despite the laws and their implementation, truck accidents still occur simply because some truck operators are either just too adamant to obey the mandates or are too greedy, choosing profit rather than the safety of everyone else on the road. This is the clear message whenever they hire unqualified drivers during peak season, when they force their drivers to work beyond the HOS limit, and when they have their trucks operated until the tires are totally worn out or some parts actually break down.

On their website, the Tuscon personal injury attorneys of Russo, Russo & Slania, P.C. clearly explain the importance of regularly maintaining trucks and operating these safely until these reach their destination, and the possible tragic consequences of failing to do so. There is nothing wrong with seeking profit, but not to the point of compromising the safety of others. Choosing to act irresponsibly or recklessly will never be acceptable.

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What are Rollover Accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that rollover accidents cause up to 24,000 injuries and 10,000 fatalities every year. These types of accidents are particularly dangerous because it involves the vehicle turning over either on its side or completely upside down. When victims do survive such horrific accidents, they could end up suffering from some form of disability. The most common injuries caused by rollover accidents include lacerations, broken bones, and traumatic brain injury.

Larger vehicles are more susceptible to rollover accidents. Vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs have a higher center of gravity compared to regular passenger-type cars. Matched with unsafe road conditions, mechanical defects, or worn-out tires, the risk for rollover accidents for these vehicles will typically increase. This is because, according to Madison car accident attorneys, larger vehicles can easily become unstable once a driver loses control due to unforeseen circumstances. The dangers become even worse when the vehicle can’t gain enough traction between the pavement and the tires. These risks can result in serious accidents that can potentially harm anyone who happens to be nearby.

Considering the dangers and devastating consequences of such incidents, the prevention of rollover accidents is extremely crucial. Plenty of larger vehicle manufacturers have employed the installation of safety devices called Electronic Stability Control or ESC for short. The device recognizes when a driver loses control and automatically uses the brakes to allow the vehicle to regain its stability. It makes use of special censors in order to detect any changes in balance and steadiness.

Unfortunately, the ESC safety feature isn’t a staple for all types of vehicle most susceptible to rollover accidents. As such, plenty of accidents that could have been easily avoided continue to occur in roadways across America. This is why cars that have this control are insured at a lower rate than those that do not. Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® has more information on that topic. Vehicle manufacturers should be held accountable for any vehicle design defects that continue to contribute to such tragic accidents and hurt innocent motorists.

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Premises Liability: Property Hazards that Cause Slip and Fall Accidents

The National Safety Council reports that slip and fall accidents account for about 8.9 million visits to emergency medical departments every year. These numbers prove that injuries caused by slipping and falling aren’t as simple as they might probably sound.

While slip and fall accidents typically happen to individuals around 55 years and older, it’s important to note that these incidents can happen to anyone. In fact, slip and fall accidents can occur at any given place that has hazards all over the property. What’s worse, these hazards are typically found in areas frequented by the public. According to the website of Williams Kherkher Law Firm, easy to miss hazards can be rampant in parks, resorts, restaurants, and malls caused by facilities that aren’t properly maintained.

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents: Uneven surfaces, unmarked steps, and lack of proper railings on stairs. Aside from these three noted hazards, accidents can also occur are due to slippery or wet floors, exposed wires, and poor lighting.

When people slip or fall due to these hazards, the injuries they sustain can vary in its severity. Sometimes, a slip and fall accident could involve lacerations, sprains, or broken bones. Sometimes, they can also result in injuries to the neck, back, or head. These more serious injuries can cause temporary or permanent disability, especially for individuals that are much older.

Property owners are expected to maintain a standard level of upkeep for their premises. Part of their responsibility is to ensure that the risk of any accident is significantly reduced. When this responsibility isn’t properly met, property owners can be considered liable for such accidents and their outcomes. If this happens, victims involved in these incidents can consult with experienced legal professionals to learn more about the steps and actions they can take.

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