A separation between loved ones can often be an emotionally draining affair. Reaching such a point can often leave you confused, frustrated, and desperate for an end to the whole ordeal. It is because of this, that particular attention must be paid to providing the best possible guidance to smooth any friction that may result from trying to reach a decision. Ensuring a calm and fair decision process can allow both parties to make the best choice, whether it means moving on from one another, or reconciling with each other. While states like New Jersey do not officially recognize spousal separation, it still can be done through private channels. However, it is necessary to protect oneself during this process, and this can be done by seeking legal advice to ensure that your side of the judgment is fair, especially when it comes to issues like child custody, and property ownership.

A legal expert can provide this valuable advice to ensure that the separation doesn’t harm one party in ways they didn’t want or expect. A legal team is ready and willing to hear the whole story and provide critical analysis of the possible pros and cons of every potential decision. Separation can be a critical stage in one’s life, as it affects one’s family, property, and loved ones. This can put a strain on the best of us and is a struggle that need not be dealt with alone. A legal team has the ability not only to advise but also understand one’s separation struggle with compassion and patience. This is especially important when children are involved, as it is always difficult to take a deliberate decision when one’s young ones are in the picture. A legal team will deal with the legal matters and allow the client to better focus on the issues that they understand the most, and that is most important to them.

A separation is a legal concept that means that a married couple would agree to stay married but live separately. This is often, but not always, employed before a divorce and is also used if both parties have moral or religious objections to a formal divorce. In effect, a separation is a last chance for couples to decide their future. What makes a separation official, is the necessary arrangement of property, custody, and financial support for any of the parties. However, many states do not employ this concept, but there are still ways to achieve separation in the same manner. The simplest and most often used method is a settlement agreement. This agreement is almost identical to a formal separation, in that child support and custody, living arrangements, and spousal support are involved. This is a useful precursor to a legal divorce, as the agreement acts as pre-established legal terms to allow for a faster and neater conclusion.

The other option is a divorce from bed and board, this is similar to a settlement agreement, but involves a legal court and requires formal grounds for divorce. This is often employed by couples who want some time apart, but do not want a full divorce. The final option is a legal complaint to the state. This simply determines issues such as custody and support and is not a legal precursor to divorce. A legal team will counsel a client to determine the best possible plan of action, relative to time constraints, finances, and any other factors that would play into finding the best solution in the best way. The legal team will strive to protect the client during this process, and prevent unnecessary distractions, wastes of time, as well as unfavorable divorce settlements.