When my wife was involved in a car accident last year, she had to miss out on work for two weeks while she was recovering from her injury. Thankfully, insurance paid for the wages she didn’t earn during this time, but not everyone is this lucky. Our neighbors told us that when they were in a car accident, they both had broken bones that kept them away from work for about two months. When insurance wouldn’t accept their lost wages claim, they had to hire a lawyer in order to get money to pay their bills while they recovered. Speaking with them really scared me. We were lucky our situation went over so smoothly. What if insurance refused to pay out for her lost wages? What if she had to miss work for several months? While looking through the web, I stumbled upon the website for the Law Offices of William J. Luse. They are personal injury attorneys that help with people recover their lost wages when they’re involved in a serious accident. I learned a lot from the Law Offices of William J. Luse. Apparently, there are several different reasons you can file a suit in order to recover lost wages. Sometimes you can even file a suit for lost wages if you don’t currently have a job.

Lost wages include a couple of different things. After a car accident, you can seek money for lost wages based on the period of time that you don’t work at your job. This is probably the most typical kind of lost wage. My wife received money based on this kind of lost wage. It turns out, you can also receive lost wages if you develop a serious injury during a wreck that leaves you unable to do your old job, and leaves you making less than you were before. I imagine that it’s possible to sue for quite a bit of money in this situation, as you would be getting lost wages for years and years of work. Now here’s the most unusual one that I heard about. You can claim lost wages for lost work opportunities. If you are unable to make it to a job interview while you’re recovering from an injury, you can also sue for lost wages.

This is all important information to know. I’m definitely going to pass it on if any of my friends wind up in a serious car accident in the future.

Filing a suit for lost wages after an accident isn’t always an easy process though. You’ll need to provide some proof of your lost wages in order to get things sorted out. This means you’ll need a note from your doctor that describes your injuries and how long you had to miss work. It also means you’ll need a copy of the police report from the accident. Lastly, you’ll also need to collect a letter from your boss that verifies you missed work due to injuries. This can be a lot of work, but certainly worth the time.